Digital Rounds is an iOS application created with the intention of automating the data collection during plant/field operator rounds. You can create a checklist once using a spreadsheet editing program, then upload it to the website. Once that is done, any iOS device such as an iPad, or iPhone can be used to complete the checksheet, and the results will be uploaded to the web site. If you need assistance, or would like to provide feedback, please use the feedback form here

Template Creation

Create a free account and login to the web site using the link on the nav bar above. Then download the csv file template, and fill it out with your own checklist. Currently there is support for yes/no, and numerical questions. Upload this CSV file to the web site. If there are no errors (no commas in the text), it will immediately be available in the app.

Data Entry

Login to the ios app with the same login used above. All the checklists you have uploaded will be shown in a list. Select the checklist you would like to complete. When you have completed it, hit save in the top right corner, this will upload the checksheet to the web server.

Data Review

Login to the web site, and click the completed button on the navbar. A list of all the completed check lists will be shown.